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Telitacicept completed domestic phase II clinical study on IgA Nephropathy



RemeGen has completed the domestic phase II clinical study on IgA Nephropathy (IgAN) patients using Telitacicept (RC18, trade name: Tai’ai) and got the preliminary data results.

From the preliminary data analysis we could see that patients in the Telitacicept-treated group had significantly lower urinary protein levels compared to baseline, and the difference was statistically significant compared to placebo. Besides, several other secondary endpoints further demonstrated significant differences between the treatment group and the placebo control group. Relevant clinical data will be published in relevant international conferences or journals and further research is planned in both China and the United States.

IgA Nephropathy is an immune complex induced glomerulonephritis characterized by hematuria, proteinuria, and progressive renal failure. Telitacicept (RC18, trade name: Tai’ai) is RemeGen's proprietary fusion protein for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Telitacicept has received marketing approval for the indication of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) from the NMPA on March 9th, 2021.

RemeGen is currently conducting phase II or III clinical trials in a number of other indications for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, trying to solve a large number of unmet medical needs in this therapeutic field.

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